Google is working to improve the accessibility of Android 15

Google is working on a feature that will make using Android handsets easier for older people and people who are not as tech-savvy.
Google has recently released a new beta of Android 14 containing a feature called “easy pre-set.” As spotted by our colleagues at Android Authority, this feature aims to make the Android smartphone experience more accessible to a wider audience, particularly the elderly and those with vision problems. This initiative aims to address the challenges faced by many users when trying to navigate the operating system of the California-based tech giant.
The easy pre-set feature, which was discovered as a secret setting in the Android 14 QPR3 beta, looks to still be in development. Journalist Mishaal Rahman discovered hints that point to its potential powers, even though it is not yet activated. This option, when enabled, will optimize the user interface to make it easier to navigate and read.

Facilitating Usage for Every User

As smartphones have become essential tools in our daily lives, their complexity can be a barrier for some users, especially the elderly, those who did not grow up with technology, or simply people with disabilities. The easy pre-set function aims to address this issue by providing a simplified and more intuitive interface.

Key features of easy pre-set

  • Enlarge the text and icons to improve reading, particularly for those with vision impairments.
  • Increased boldness and contrast: to draw the eye and draw attention to interface elements.
  • The bottom of the screen has navigation buttons to make it easier to reach important features.
  • To prevent information overload and prolong battery life, choose only black background.

Google has not yet officially announced this easy pre-set option, but this move towards accessibility and inclusion is expected to debut with the launch of Android 15, the next major version of the operating system, scheduled for the end of the year. We can also expect an official presentation at Google I/O 2024, which we will be sure to follow closely.

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